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Compressed Air Technology for Industry, Craftsmen & DIY Enthusiasts

Durable and first-class quality components and the best possible equipment is what you get when you buy an Aircraft® Compressed Air Technology product. Exemplary features with innovation by tradition since 1992!

AIRCRAFT – Effective Added Value in Compressed Air Technology

User-friendliness, the best possible equipment, ease of use and quality you can rely on has always been of great importance to Aircraft®. A price comparison among genuinely equivalent and comparable products offers you the assurance that purchasing an Aircraft compressor gives you a product that stands comparison and is the right purchasing decision for you. Our high commitment to quality is underlined by being the first compressor manufacturer to equip our stationary compressors with hot-dip galvanized vessels as standard and to grant a 15-year warranty against corrosion of the vessel. We have extended this warranty to our entire Airprofi series, which will be supplied with hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated vessels from serial number APZ onwards.

Our Products

Piston compressors

Portable, mobile and stationary piston compressors. Our range includes oil-free and oil-lubricated as well as horizontal and vertical piston compressors for an optimum compressed air supply at all times.

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Screw compressors

Belt-driven and direct-driven screw compressors. Whether you are looking for an oil-injected or oil-free screw compressor for mobile or stationary use or a compressed air station for continuous air demand, our screw compressors are available with and without compressed air receiver as well as refrigeration dryer for an optimal compressed air supply at any time.

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Compressed air systems components

Tanks, compressors, motors, V-belts, pressure switches, safety valves. With our extensive range of compressed air accessories and pneumatic components, you ensure optimum retrofitting and maintenance of your compressed air systems.

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Compressed air treatment

Filtration, drying, water and oil separation. In order to avoid contamination in your compressed air and to ensure a permanently high compressed air quality, we offer you an extensive range of condensate technology.

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Compressed air and energy distribution

Piping, maintenance blocks, reels and hoses. Our range in the field of compressed air and energy distribution offers you a wide variety of components for your compressed air and line networks to ensure optimum pressure stability and compressed air distribution at all times.

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Pneumatic Tools

Tools for compressed air systems. Whether impact wrenches, drills or rotary screwdrivers, pneumatically driven tools offer the advantage of withstanding high loads, enabling high working speeds and being insensitive to temperature fluctuations. Some pneumatic tools such as cleaning guns function exclusively via compressed air drive.

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Product Training

We offer regular product training courses and seminars for our retail partners at our demonstration and training centre. Depending on individual requirements we teach basic knowledge in a graphic way and demonstrate our machines live.

Partner Portal

Registered retail partners can find all important product information like, for example price, availability and technical data as well as pending orders, around the clock in the STÜRMER partner portal.

Maintenance Contracts

We offer multi-year maintenance contracts and one-time assignments if required

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Portable craftsman compressor ...

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CONDOR MDR 3 / 6.3-10 A / 11 bar

Pressure switch

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Condensate drain (electronic) ...

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Soft rolled goods

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Pistol drilling machine ...

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50 mm

Upset nails type F

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